Being a caregiver isn't easy. You don't have to do it alone.


As women over 50, we’re juggling a lot.

We’re working, taking care of our children and our partners, supporting our elder parents, trying to stay connected to our friends… and sometimes, we’re pulled in so many different directions, that things begin to slip. 

We become ill, sacrifice our professional success, start becoming estranged from cherished relationships—and, worst of all, we begin to neglect our own self-care.

But this doesn’t have to be your reality. With the right support system and plans in place, navigating midlife will feel less like an uphill battle.

Power Session

Helping your aging parents is a complex task. Sometimes you just need answers.

Are you the adult daughter in the family who is trying to help your aging family members? Are you overwhelmed, confused, don’t know where to start, what steps to take next?

I have solutions.

Let’s dive into your family challenges and problem-solve.

The result: Answers, decisions, strategies, relief.

Schedule your Power Session now.

In previous Power Sessions, I have helped daughters with:

  • Communication strategies for their parent with dementia
  • Knowing what to ask when touring an assisted living community
  • Knowing how to file a claim for long term care insurance
  • Setting boundaries in order to promote self-care
  • Medication management tools
  • Patient Advocacy tips
  • Understanding the person with memory impairment
  • Establishing ways of living more mindfully as a way to reduce stress
  • How to help support your “well” parent

After our 90 minutes together, I will send you a bullet point list of topics/suggestions discussed on our call.

In order to book your session, please complete our contact form and be sure to tell me a bit about your situation in the field provided.

90 minutes – $300


Figuring out what the best care plan is for your elder parents can be an extremely overwhelming task. There’s so much information to sift through on the Internet, and the ‘right’ path isn’t always a clear one.

After 20+ years working as a professional elder care and aging specialist, I’m able to provide thoughtful, intelligent research and well-vetted resources for families in search of guidance.

We’ll work together to problem-solve and create a roadmap to help you help your parents. We will discuss everything from caregiving, to advocacy, to safety concerns, to family dynamics, to care planning, concerns about memory impairment, and everything in between.

Research and recommendations may include…

  • Virtual assessment of parents’ living space
  • Assistance with selection of the best assisted living community
  • Help with managing the challenging behaviors of a parent with dementia
  • Comprehensive list of appropriate care options

…and more!

My expert research and recommendations are completely customized to your family’s needs.

Starting at $175/hour.


Through exceptional professional guidance and patient, compassionate support, I’ll work with you to conquer the challenges of aging: your own, your partner’s, or your parents’. Whether we’re creating strategies for making your home environment a healthier and more peaceful place to dwell or we’re working on ways to help you in your role as an adult daughter of aging parents, our goal is to elevate your quality of life and make you feel as supported as possible on your journey toward aging with happiness and grace. Each 60-minute session is a conversation led with care, where we’ll curate personalized strategies, support plans, and thoughtful resources to give you the tools you need to manage midlife confidently.

Starting at $150/hour.


Deciding how to proceed with your elder parents’ future plans can be a difficult subject among families due to differing opinions. 

Through virtual facilitated family conversations, I’ll work with you to create a care plan for your parent that works for your entire family, while also always advocating for the best interest of your elder parent.

Starting at $150/hour.


A gerontologist is a specialist trained in the social, cultural, psychological, cognitive, and biological aspects of aging.

No, gerontologists are not medical doctors. Geriatricians are medical doctors who specialize in working with older adults. 

I coach adult daughters who are assisting their aging parents navigate the challenges before them. After an initial intake conversation, it will become clear where the needs are. Does the daughter need strategies to help her manage all her responsibilities? Does she need to hire help for her parents, and who would that be, how does she find them? She may need assistance visualizing what lies before her in terms of her parents’ mortality, suggestions for organizing finances and legal paperwork, to move or not to move, and where… again, possibilities are endless. Helping her create next steps, both in her own life and in her parents’ as well.

Yes! It’s very common to feel like you are at a loss in terms of next steps and have no idea where to turn, what resources are available, or how to vet communities or service providers. Through my research and recommendations service, I’ll use my contacts nationwide to assist you with the process of finding the best support for your parents.

I’m also able to provide you with assistance in many other areas, such as introducing technology into a home setting, finding the best assisted living community in your area, designing a custom care plan for your loved one with dementia… the possibilities are endless. Click here to inquire about research and recommendations.

Mediation is a group conversation hosted by an impartial party. And while I am formally trained in mediation, I do not remain impartial during facilitated family conversations because my main goal is to help your family achieve the best possible outcome for the older adult.

In these conversations, I’ll guide your family through the process of crafting a personalized plan for your elder parents’ future, always keeping their best interest in mind, and providing your family with as many options as possible.

As many as you’d like! Sometimes we have conversations with the entire family present, and other times we have several separate conversations with family members. This service is completely customizable to your needs, and the nature of the conversations vary per family dynamic.

Client Praise

Kathy Freda is a compassionate, responsive care manager. She is a “doer” and a “listener.” Kathy is my go-to person in terms of resources for clients from the best assisted living communities to skilled nursing to home care, doctors, therapists, lawyers, pharmacies, the list goes on and on. I trust Kathy’s judgment and recommendations. She always includes the entire team in her work whether it is a client’s family members, other professionals, and of course, the client, to provide the best care for each individual client. Her plan of care is unique to each client. Plus, Kathy’s care plans are fluid as the client’s situation changes. I feel very comfortable reaching out to Kathy if one of my client’s is having issues in terms of health, socialization and safety. I know she will address the problems and help the client get back on track. Without hesitation, I would hire Kathy to help with my parents’ care.

Ann Adams, Court-Appointed Conservator
Eighteen months ago, my husband and I were facing a serious dilemma. We were overseeing the affairs of an older, disabled relative who could no longer afford her current living situation. She was stubborn about facing this situation and did not want to move. Kathy spoke with our relative multiple times and listened to what was important to her. She gained her trust which was invaluable. Kathy explored numerous options and ended up finding a wonderful and affordable place that our relative was willing to relocate to. Kathy worked hard for us. She listened to both sides and was able to resolve this issue before it escalated. She is kind and compassionate and really understands what people are going through in elder care situations. We can recommend her with no reservations. Please consider her for your elder care needs.

Robin & Andy

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